A free evangelistic newspaper for Christmas

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  • December 12, 2013
A free evangelistic newspaper for Christmas
The Swiss Evangelical Alliance produces again a free magazine in tabloid newspaper format. Christians can use this in witnessing to their friends, neighbours and countrymen. The newspaper is called “Viertelstunde für den Glauben”, which means “A quarter of an hour for the faith”. It is made up in an attractive design and contents texts about people who experienced God, a Jesus story, a representative survey and a prize draw. The editorial is written by a government minister. The magazines are distributed by churches or individuals, by the post in all mail boxes of selected villages and towns or as an insert in the Christmas edition in the tabloid newspaper “Blick”. “Viertelstunde” appears once or twice a year on important feasts like Christmas or Easter. Since 2003 totally 10 Million copies have been distributed. As a campaign accompanying the magazine “Viertelstunde” the Swiss Evangelical Alliance has created a website called www.sinn-des-lebens.ch (meaning of life). People can join in a self-test about the meaning of life using their smart phone or computer. Having finished the test, people get on the website a short evaluation for different areas of life like health, community, love, religion and self-knowledge. Besides, there are tips from a Christian point of view how to develop and strengthen those areas. Thanks to a generous donation of a friend of the Swiss EA it is possible to advertise for this web based self assessment in a well-read commuter paper. Links: Viertelstunde Sinn des Lebens  

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