Freedom for Meriam

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  • June 16, 2014
Freedom for Meriam
A delegation of the Italian Evangelical Alliance meets with the Ambassador of Sudan “We are here to express the deep concern of Italian Evangelicals for the situation of Mrs Meriam Yehya and to ask for her immediate release”. These words introduced the meeting between Lucia Stelluti and Leonardo De Chirico (of the Italian EA) with Ambassador Amira Gornass. The Italian EA had organized a prayer rally on May 24th in front of the Sudanese Embassy and sponsored a petition to free Meriam that was handed in to the Ambassador. Meriam was convicted of adultery and apostasy by a local court and she is serving her sentence. She is in prison because she is a Christian. De Chirico said that religious freedom is the mother of all liberties and is the basis for the flourishing of society. Lucia Stelluti also told the Ambassador that the World Evangelical Alliance represents about 600 million Evangelical Christians who are seriously concerned for the situation. The Ambassador explained that Meriam’s case will go to another court of appeal hoping that the charge will be dropped. Concerns was also expressed about the conditions of the two small children that are in prison with Meriam. For this purpose, Stelluti’s 5 month old baby girl was also present at the meeting and her presence reinforced the need to protect the children with special care. The Ambassador told that she will represent these concerns to the Government of Sudan. Italian Evangelicals will continue to pray for Meriam and will not forget her until she will be released. Roma, 11th June 2014 Alleanza Evangelica Italiana

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