Get ready for the launch of the film The Peace Between

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  • April 13, 2018
Get ready for the launch of the film The Peace Between
Dear EEA friends, The Peace Between film and discussion materials are nearly ready! Please would you start preparing how you want to promote and use them? You will remember that The Peace Between is a short, professional film featuring 3 friendships between a European and an asylum seeker or refugee.  At the General Assembly, you saw a preview featuring Hungarian Evangelical Alliance General Secretary, Istvan Horvath and his Afghan friend Raza. Why did EEA help to sponsor the film?
  • Because we know that the political and cultural issues around asylum and migration are complicated and sensitive.
  • Because we believe that Christians and others need space to process what they think and feel in a safe environment.
  • Because we believe that “meeting” an asylum seeker through the medium of film is powerful and helps us to understand them.
The film is not about politics. It is about people and friendship. Our hope is that churches, student and community groups will want to host an event to show the film and host a discussion. We are timing the launch so that local churches could choose to show the film trailer during a service for Refugee Sunday (17 or 24 June). We are also providing prayers and a sermon outline. Churches could then encourage their small groups to host a discussion event in the week or month that follows Refugee Sunday. Or maybe they will choose to host an event for the wider community. Will you promote these resources and encourage their use? We hope so. We are working with many of you to ensure that film and trailer subtitles and discussion materials are in your language.  Thank you! By the week beginning 14th May, will be live. We will send you a reminder.  On this dedicated website you will find
  • A trailer of the film
  • A facilitator’s guide with discussion material
  • Prayers & sermons
  • Supplementary materials to go further
  • A simple registration form for people to complete and receive a link to the actual film (which EEA does not own).
Look for the language tabs to find the materials in your language. If you see your language but the materials are not there, then please be patient as we wait for translations to come back. If your language is not featured and you want it to be, please contact Arie de Pater to see if translation can be organised .) Please contact Julia and Arie if you have any questions. Meanwhile, we hope you will get ready to promote The Peace Between through your website, social media and publications and to contact those you particularly think will be interested in hosting a discussion event.   With best wishes Julia & Arie &

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