Being Good News People to Europe in crisis

Being Good News People to Europe in crisis
Thank you to all the General Assembly attendees who participated so enthusiastically in the response sessions as we reflected together on how Christians are ministering to a continent in crisis and what role Evangelical Alliances can play in being a dance floor and facilitating the wonderful work of their members. Here are just a few of the dreams and next steps people wrote down.
  • 1000s of churches will open their hearts to the poor, partnering with ministries who can help them.  Next step = sharing positive examples.
  • Let’s convert empty / under- utilised Christian buildings into refugee welcome centres. Next step = create a working group to facilitate cooperation between organisations.
  • We will have political impact in our nation & region on human trafficking issues. Next step = create a national platform to bring together partners.
  • Churches will move out of their buildings and draw alongside the needy in their community, humbly serving them, not acting as if they were superior in any way.  Next step = train master trainers who can facilitate churches to serve.
  • We will have a safe house and reintegration ministry for those who have been trafficked. Next step = educate and train pastors.
  • Churches won’t just offer “stuff” to the needy and hurting but will welcome them into their community. Next step = offer more resources to churches so that they understand their calling to share the Gospel in community.
It was obvious that you enjoyed sharing / hearing of good examples and ideas and we hope that you will continue to share on the Friends of EEA Facebook page.  You can also have a focused time of sharing, discussion and prayer on a Good News ministry theme in EEA’s new Good News Café. Just contact Julia Doxat-Purser if you want to propose a topic. The first Good News Café discussion on Promoting Marriage had people from Austria, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Switzerland & UK considering how to encourage all of society to celebrate and treasure marriage and not redefine and undermine it. The clear conclusions were that we should promote God’s gift of marriage and not get drawn into arguments about gay rights and that church leaders often lack adequate resources both to teach and to pastor effectively in the area of marriage support within the church and wider community. The second Good News Café will take place on 30th January, 16h30 CET and will be on “How Evangelical Alliances can promote religious liberty”.  We will hear from the Swiss and French Evangelical Alliances and hope that many other Alliances will join the call to share what they do and to learn from others.  Look out for the invitation and please ensure you pass it on to the right people.

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