Good News People

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  • February 6, 2015
Good News People
Providing a home and a family There are so many children and young people who do not enjoy the love and stability of family life. Social services struggle to care. Lives are often permanently damaged. But there is a growing determination that the Church can offer the solution. If Christian families dare to adopt or foster and if their churches support them in this endeavour, then we could transform the situation. Could the Church community in your nation do more to foster or adopt? What would be needed to create a movement to change young lives? How can the Evangelical Alliance be a catalyst to get things moving? On Tuesday 17th March, 16h30 CET, EEA members & their friends are invited to join a discussion on “How to support Christians to adopt or foster children?” During this online Good News Café, you can hear from Ruslan Maliuta of World without Orphans (Ukraine) and Phil Green, Home for Good (UK). Please would you make sure that the right people from your nation participate by passing on the invitation. Contact EEA for registration details.  Registration deadline = 10 March.

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