Hope for our nations

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  • February 21, 2018
Hope for our nations

“What does a more loving, more free, more just, and more truthful society look like?”

Vitaly Vlasenko from the Russian Evangelical Alliance responded to this by saying “This open question is a good “starter” to turn on the “soul engine” of our society.” The question is in the “What kind of society?” resources, produced by Evangelical Alliance UK. See here  and pdfs of the full text and summary text on the socio-political section of the EEA resources page. When Ylli Doci from the Albanian Evangelical Alliance saw the resources, he said, “When Christians think about the power of the Gospel to transform society, we cannot not be excited. But we know that the people on our streets, discouraged with all the problems in our countries, have no idea that the Gospel is the answer.”  Ylli continued “I came across “What kind of society?” and saw that this is the best way at least to start the discussion about some of the Gospel’s values. We want our nation to think about these values that make life better. What does the Gospel have to say? What does the Bible have to say? What does God have to say? “

What kind of society?

“What kind of society?” has been written to help Evangelicals become confident in core Gospel values that can give a genuinely Christian vision for our nations and for our lives. Both politicians and voters lack a healthy values framework. Let’s help them see that the Bible and the Christian message provide the framework they need. Writing in the preface to the resource Dr David Landrum, director of advocacy at Evangelical Alliance UK said: “Love provides the glue that holds society together. Freedom provides opportunities. Justice rights wrongs. And truth is a rock we can all build our lives upon.” Both Vitaly and Ylli hope that their Evangelical Alliances will be able to use the resources to stimulate reflection and discussion in churches and then in wider society.  Vitaly said “This material is really the key which can open doors to any group of people in any country.” Evangelical Alliance UK’s hope is that the resource will help Christians to focus less on what we are against and more on what we are for. And that, with new clarity, we can help our nations to have a healthier, Gospel based future.   If you want to explore how the “What kind of society?” resources could be used in your context, do contact Julia Doxat-Purser /EEA Socio-Political Representative/.

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