Love-Europe, “Helping refugees find what they need most”

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  • April 8, 2016
Thousands of refugees are coming into Europe every day. They come from terrible and difficult places and the majority flee because there is no alternative for survival. As Christians we want to act and offer hospitality and care for the weak, as Jesus learned us to do.


Today, April 6 2016, the app has been launched in the Netherlands. The first phase is available on the App Store and Google Play. We are very thankful for this special moment!

What’s this app all about?

This app is helping refugees and newcomers find the information they need most. The app provides a bunch of locations in different countries, starting in the Netherlands. Germany and Greece are following and other countries are pending. Even when you’re offline, the app will still work for navigation. All locations are stored on your phone so you can navigate to locations using the compass function if you are disconnected from the Internet. The app will also help you communicate during your travel and your stay. The app is multilingual and is always displaying information in two languages, so you can also use it as a communication tool. Our main focus is to share love and show hospitality to the refugees. Our first goal is that refugees will start to use the app in their daily life. We want them to experience love and we want to show them our source of Love, Jesus.

Other highlights of the Love-Europe app:

  • Navigation through Europe in a growing number of countries
  • Map with very helpful information for refugees and newcomers to Europe
  • Offline navigation available
  • Bilingual display of information to help communicate
  • Library of helpful basic sentences in many languages
  • Interesting nearby events for refugees and newcomers (in development)
  • Media center with a collection of interesting movies for refugees and newcomers (in development)
  • Marketplace will help connect helpers with refugees in a personal way (in development)
Please note that continuously we’re adding more information to the app. So stay tuned!

Network of countries

We are building a network of partners in as many European countries as possible. We want the app “Love-Europe” to help refugees find with what they need most. In Germany and Greece teams started to prepare the app for use in their country and language. We are also connecting with organizations in France and Sweden about becoming a Love-Europe partner. We are very thankful for the development of the app. On the other hand, the real work is about to begin! For example, much effort is required to keep the information in the app up to date, so that refugees see a current range of relevant activities in their area. For this we want to build a network of volunteers .

How can you participate?

First, we greatly appreciate your prayers for us and this project! In the recent period we have had several divine connections. We know that God is the great Leader of this project. And we are excited what He is doing in the next steps we have to take. Second, we are searching for more partners to use the app in their language. Feel free to connect others to use the app in their country and language. We want to serve them with the app. Thirdly, we are thankful for the first phase and the early donations, but for the next phase we still need more recourses. So donations are very welcome to develop the next phase of the app. Love-Europe website

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