The Network works

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  • April 17, 2014
The Network works
A European Freedom Network partner said last week, “EFN is the best network out there. It’s a network that actually works!” The European Religious Liberty Forum has created a network of religious liberty friends who also know how to collaborate efficiently. The network works. EEA founded and facilitates both these networks. But EEA itself is a network which works. In the last few weeks, EEA staff have been working with its EFN, ERLF and EEA friends to make sure that Members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe were prayed for and knew what Christians felt about the horror of prostitution and the vulnerability of newer, smaller religious communities, often erroneously called “sects.” EEA worked with partners to make sure our documentation was the best it could be. Evangelical Alliances, other NGOs and individuals then used these to contact MPs across the continent. Information you fed back to us was passed on to partners in Strasbourg who could pick up direct contact with these MPs. We thank God that the Mendes Bota report on “Prostitution, Trafficking and Modern Slavery in Europe” passed. It calls for European nations to take seriously the exploitation, crime and suffering within the world of prostitution, including taking seriously the Nordic Model as a solution to preventing human trafficking.  Mendes Bota Resolution We also thank God that the Salles resolution on “The Protection of minors against excesses of sects” was drastically edited so that its threat to religious freedom was neutralised. The accompanying recommendation did not pass. Salles Resolution Thank you if you prayed and / or got involved in campaigning. If you did not do so, please consider working with us next time. We can provide all the resources and advice needed to make things straightforward for you. Scripture says that the Lord loves it when His people are united.  So we thank Him that the network works.

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