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We are pleased to announce one of the blessings we received this week – the appointment of Sheryl Haw as our new international director of Micah Global. With the merger of Micah Network and Micah Challenge which took place in December 2014, we as the interim International Board felt that it was wise to have an open application for the international director’s position of the newly formed Micah Global.  We wanted to be open to hear the voice of the Lord as we considered how best to guide the new Micah forward and a big part of this was exploring who should lead in the role of International Director. This last week the application procedure drew to a close and final interviews were conducted by members from the Board and from National Micah expressions. Out of the 40+ candidates, the application committee was unanimous in its assessment to offer Sheryl the role. The International Board unanimously endorsed their assessment and endorsed their decision. We believe that Sheryl is deeply connected with the ‘frontline’ of integral mission and that she demonstrates a whole-hearted passion for all that Micah stands for. Sheryl keeps relationships at the centre – alongside her integrity, servant-heartedness and self-awareness. We as the International Board recognized that this appointment and the future of Micah Global is intertwined with our shared commitment and responsibility to support Sheryl and Micah effectively. The growth and impact Micah is having is exciting and inspiring. It comes with its own stresses which we need to address together, ensuring that adequate capacity in administration and financial resources is given to Sheryl so as to maximize our impact. So, as we affirm Sheryl in her new role as our International Director, we invite you to support Micah.   Thomas Bucher welcomes the appointment in the name of the EEA and congratulates Sheryl Haw. She has certainly the experience and the qualifications for this role. The EEA is looking forward to an exciting journey with Micahnetwork to change the world for the better for God’s glory by addressing key issues and touching it with HIS love.

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