5th day of the earthquake – Updates and Prayer Requests from Turkey

5th day of the earthquake – Updates and Prayer Requests from Turkey

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On February 6, Turkey was shaken by two major earthquakes, one of 7.8 magnitude at 4:17 pm and the second of 7.6 magnitude at 13:24 pm in Kahramanmaraş. This earthquake deeply affected 10 provinces, especially in southeastern Turkey. Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman, Adana, Diyarbakir, Hatay and Sanliurfa were the cities most severely affected by this earthquake. When the area of the earthquake’s impact and the way it occurred are analyzed, it is currently considered by experts to be among the largest land earthquakes in history. In particular, the destructive power of the earthquake was quite severe. It was 7 kilometers deep and affected a very large area of approximately 110,000 square kilometers (42,471 square miles). The number of people affected by the earthquake in the region is approximately 13.5 million people.

So far, we have lost 17,674 people. The current number of injured is 72,879 people. Search and rescue operations are still ongoing in the region and many people are trying to reach their neighbors and relatives. Sadly, the death toll is expected to rise in the coming days. Experts estimate the number of people trapped under the rubble to be around 180,000.

In the affected cities, Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox church buildings have also been destroyed and severely damaged. We share with you with a heavy heart that our brothers and sisters serving in Iskenderun, Pastor Hakan Konur and his wife Pola Konur were trapped under the rubble and have gone to be with the Lord. Their son Yoel survived the rubble and is doing well.

The need is great in the cities affected by the earthquake. Under the commissioning and organization of TeK, relief work continues in the region. Leaders, church workers and brothers and sisters from the churches around the country are on the ground in different cities to organize the relief efforts. They are trying to identify the need in the region, and direct aid to the places of need as it arrives.

However, there is still a serious need for professional search and rescue teams. In addition, due to the cold winter conditions in the earthquake zone, humanitarian supplies such as blankets and warm clothes, tents, sleeping bags, water, basic food products and basic care products are still a major shortage. Since there is no electricity in some parts of the earthquake zone, the need for generators is quite high. Our brothers and sisters serving in the region are responding to these needs as much as they can. But the reality is that the needs will change shape and increase day by day. On the morning of February 6, this process and the needs that started with the tremor will continue for many months to come.

We need your prayers and support in this process.

Here are some current prayer requests:

– We are now in the 5th day of the earthquake. We see every life saved after the first 72 hours as a miracle. May the Lord give strength to every life that is still breathing under the collapse and may we continue to witness more miracles.

– For shelter, food and humanitarian needs to be met in the region as soon as possible.

– For the families who lost their relatives due to the earthquake in the region, for the psychological damage and trauma caused, for the lost material resources.

– For the Church in Turkey to be united in love and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. That the Church in the affected area serves, even as they also deal with their own suffering and loss.

– That the Global Body of Christ may support the efforts of the Church in Turkey with goodness and wisdom.

– That these earthquakes will have a long-term spiritual impact in the region, both spiritually and practically.

– For Christ’s power and love to emerge and bring beauty from these ashes.

Financial Assistance:
For those of you who would like to support the region both prayerfully and financially during this time, you may give through the European Evangelical Alliance:

Bank: PostFinance Ltd, CH-3030 Bern
Account name: European Evangelical Alliance, Wallisellen
Euro Account: CH89 0900 0000 9177 0409 8
Swiss Francs Account: CH60 0900 0000 8971 1190 8
EEA Address: Postfach, Hertistrasse 31, 8304 Wallisellen, Switzerland
Purpose: “Turkey Relief”

Other information and forms of giving through the WEA website:

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