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Thomas BucherDear EEA friends, “We are always in danger of becoming one-sided. We can bring the good news of Jesus just with words or we can concentrate on good deeds without words. What we need is the right balance. We need to be fully aware of both extremes and in each situation carefully choose where we need to be in order to advance the kingdom of God.” At the Mission-Net Congress in Offenburg Joel Edwards, former General Secretary of the UK Evangelical Alliance and now international Director for Micah Challenge faced the participants with this important issue. And it seems to me that we are constantly challenged to strike that balance right. What is the right answer for our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine in a very entrenched situation which becomes more difficult every day? How does a church respond when it ministers in an area with high unemployment, the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe and a lot of crime? What does it say about that church when government agencies praise it for its impact because the statistics have measurably changed? What is the right response when a mainline church publishes paper on family issues which is not acceptable for Evangelicals? The list could be made much longer. We need to keep in mind that the situation in every country is different. What might be the right balance in one might not be in another. There is no one fit for all. I therefore want to challenge us Evangelicals in Europe to wrestle with these issues. We should not be critical of each other but much more engage in a helpful conversation, helping each other to get the balance right. The Evangelical Alliance is a great platform to have such discussions. It provides the opportunity on local, national and transnational level. We can benefit from each other, learn from and enrich each other at the same time. Are you engaging? May the Lord use you in your situation to build HIS church as you are wrestling getting the right balance! thomas signature       Thomas Bucher General Secretary EEA PS You can get a report on Mission-Net here in English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano Articles in this newsletter:  

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