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No Bad Weather – Only Bad Clothes

Thomas BucherThere is this saying There is no bad weather only bad clothes. Many Christians in Europe are discouraged because of the seemingly worsening weather conditions. Looking into history shows another picture. The good old times are just old because they were often not as good as we tend to believe. Lately I have been sobered by the utter unbelief of the generation before mine. It should therefore not surprise us what we are getting these days. We should not complain about the weather but much rather ask ourselves how we should dress to face it.

How to dress

There is not enough room in an editorial to engage with the various facets how Christians need to dress these days. But here are a few:

Know your Bible

Christians who know their Bible have the coordinates to fare in various weather conditions. Reading God’s word, expose yourself to the word of God, get soaked in the word of God, dwell in the word of God. It needs time but it will dress you well.

Know your World

Christians should be in the world but not of the world. The danger is as in all times that we confuse being in the world with being of the world. We end up with being not too much in the world and adopting a lot of the world. That makes us quite ineffective. Jesus has sent us into the world as we read in John 17,18.

Know how to translate the Bible into the world

Christians keep getting accused that they try to bring yesterday’s remedy into today’s world. But answers from yesterday will not do. It needs continued efforts to respond to the questions people have today. Know your Bible, know your world and respond adequately and in your unique way.

Live Counter Culture

Christians who are not of the world but live in the world are always somehow square pegs in a round hole. In 2060 each working person in Switzerland will have to support one person who lives on pension. Do we really think our financial systems will hold up? The Bible tells us a lot about caring for each other, about a relational and communal approach to living. Some Christians have seen this long ago. But more of us who are coined into living very individualistic lives need to start moving. Lately almost every leader I talk to is pretty much overwhelmed with work. We should honour hard working people. But there is a difference between hard working and overworking. Learn to make space for other areas of work, space for your relationship with God and his people. Living simply is another area which is a challenge. Some have had to adjust because of economic reasons (i.e. Greece and others). But it is good to examine one’s lifestyle every now and then. Living simply actually creates space and frees up timer relationships. These are just a few scattered thoughts. Having the privilege to work on the European level I see besides the challenges also much good happening. Some is in this newsletter. Enjoy reading it and learn how Evangelicals across Europe dress up to face the present weather conditions.   thomas signature       Thomas Bucher   In this newsletter:

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