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What is possible Thomas BucherThey bought a dry, barren hill. Not without a purpose. But they had a vision. The vision’s name was Ben Abeba. This means in Amharic (official language of Ethiopia) Flower Hill. This vision has been pursued by a retired Scottish teacher and a young Ethiopian businessman for several years by now. What has come into being is a restaurant which somewhat looks like a big flower on top of the hill. It is located in the town Lalibela in the north of Ethiopia which is well-known for its rock churches. 20 young Ethiopians run it under the good supervision of this Scottish lady. They are constantly trained to do their job well. For them something has come into blossoming as well. Another 20 young Ethiopians work in the surrounding area. In the past two years they have planted 50,000 trees. As funds become available holiday houses are built. My wife and I experienced the beauty of this place including wonderful flowers and great food and service. We sensed the potential which is there and we were touched by the vision. What we learned We talked a little bit with this Scottish teacher. Originally she came in 2007 to start a primary school. By now this project runs very well. During that time she had the vision to build a restaurant and create places for training and work for young Ethiopians. Step-by-step this vision was turned into plans and action. This lady does not know if she will ever see the hill with the tall grown trees and the restaurant like the flower on top of it. But she has done the necessary steps in order to see this vision come true. You and I have a vision for what could be in Europe, in nations, in towns and villages. God has a wonderful vision over this continent of Europe. He hasn’t finished his work yet and we surely can once more see his word and his vision come into being through us. You might have heard these words by Cadet Maxim: RISK more than others think is safe, CARE more than others think it is wise, DREAM more than others think is practical, EXPECT more than others think is possible. Herewith I invite you to step out by faith where you live but also beyond. Join hands with many Christians around the globe and let us pursue and expect that God is and will be doing his wonderful work! Yours,

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Thomas Bucher General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance PS During that recent visit in Ethiopia I visited the General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance (Evangelical Church Fellowship of Ethiopia). There again I saw great vision and a solid strategy to pursue it and make it happen despite many obstacles. It is this kind of vision which is born out of listening to God and then dares to step out in faith which is so much needed. What an example!  

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