One minute statements

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  • October 24, 2016
One minute statements
Each speaker at the General Assembly was askes to give a statement to take home. This is what they said:
  • Peace and reconciliation cannot be a footnote (Christel Ngnambi)
  • Radicalisation is growing. We were slow to respond on the whole environment issue. Now as radicalisation takes place, we should lead the response. (Matt Bird)
  • The response of Evangelicals is often fear. But we have to help them to get used to the facts. It seems to be that the Catholic Church does not play a role in our thinking. However, there is big change in the Catholic Church. We should take advantage of the open doors. (Evert van de Poll)
  • Respond to concrete stories in a way as the Ukrainian church has done. (Timo Keskitalo)
  • The decision power in society is in politics. Get involved in political parties. (Leen la Rivieré)

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