• 18 Days of Freedom

    18 Days of Freedom

    • NEWS
    • September 19, 2014

    What does freedom mean to you? That is the question that people across Europe will be answering during the first 18 days of October. They will post photos at #18daysoffreedom

  • Mission-Net goes into the next round

    Mission-Net goes into the next round

    With a financial “plus”, the active planning phase for the 4th European Mission-Net Congress has begun. 3000 participants from 55 different countries will come together over the New Year 2015/2016.


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  • Setting sail to a hope-filled future
    Setting sail to a hope-filled future
    • December 6, 2022

    During a brainstorming meeting we had with some of the EEA staff members I, Jan, spoke about an image that had I had been working on in my mind and heart. It seemed to be the right narrative for this time that we are moving away from lockdowns and we also have a new leadership team. It is the image of a sailboat embarking on a fresh journey.


“We want to see movements of Jesus Followers glorifying God and serving people across Europe.” 



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