• Children & Youth Ministry Report

    Children & Youth Ministry Report

    4/14 Window Movement Leadership Retreat and Asia Pacific Youth Congress in Bali, Indonesia Several Europeans participated in the leadership retreat and then joined with over 600 passionate youth leaders from 43 nations for the «Nurturer » Youth Congress. Together we faced the challenge and the call to be disciple-makers of younger children in our nations. We

  • Good News People Action in Spain

    As voters prepared to vote in local elections across most of the country, the Spanish Evangelical Alliance urged its members not just to vote but to listen to candidates, read their promises and consider carefully what model for society they were proposing. The Alliance encouraged Christians to consider whether candidates had the vision of well

  • How you can support Mission-Net

    How you can support Mission-Net

    Young Christians from more than 50 countries will unite in Germany at the end of the year. Preparations for the fourth Missions Congress in Offenburg, Germany are well underway While the Mission-Net team still receives feedback and stirring testimonies about their last Congress in 2013-14, preparations for the next great event later this year are

  • European Parliament adopts fresh resolution on religious freedom after new wave of attacks

    Last March, we witnessed a horrendous terrorist attack in Kenya targeting Christians. Terrorist organisation Al-Shabaab launched a hit against Garissa University that resulted in the killing of 150 people, among which many evangelical Christians. This terrible event was discussed, along with the recent wave of violent attacks and crimes in the name of religion, during


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  • Distant Socialising
    Distant Socialising
    • May 20, 2020

    Chosen or forced distance. Most of us have never spent any time thinking about the agreed cultural distance in formal and informal settings. Sociologists can tell us within centimetres what it is in Sweden and what it is in Albania. The social distance is different in each country.


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