• Beyond comfort zones

    Beyond comfort zones

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    • October 15, 2015

    Report EEA General Assembly 5-8 October 2015, Schwäbisch Gmund, Germany European Christians need to step out of their comfort zones to embrace strangers, be it new arrivals or existing neighbours of different ethnicity, culture or faith. This exhortation was expressed in a call to action issued by leaders from thirty European nations to fellow believers

  • A Call to Action to the Evangelical Community across Europe

    A Call to Action to the Evangelical Community across Europe

    EEA General Assembly, Germany, 8th October 2015 Throughout history, there have been mass movements of people into, out of and across Europe. As a result, we have seen invasion and conflict, prejudice and persecution, changing country borders and evolving and blending rich cultures. The present refugee crisis is frightening for many as rules and laws


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The Relevance of the Bible in European Societies


  • When Health is deemed more important than Justice
    When Health is deemed more important than Justice
    • September 9, 2020

    Something has gone profoundly wrong in fighting Covid-19. It disturbs me greatly. It needs to be confronted and corrected. Right from the beginning drastic measures were taken. The goal and inherent promise were to keep people healthy and protected. Crisis scenarios were pulled out. These scenarios were mainly concerned with protecting people but they did not look at the injustices caused.


“We want to see movements of Jesus Followers glorifying God and serving people across Europe.” 



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