Pray for Croatia – Covid-19 and Earthquakes

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  • March 24, 2020
Pray for Croatia – Covid-19 and Earthquakes

On Monday morning Croatia was hit by a series of earthquakes, the strongest of which was 5,5 on the Richter scale. People have flooded the streets, leaving their homes to keep safe from any further quakes. There is significant material damage, especially around the city center. So far there are 17 injured, 1 under-aged child is in critical condition, and there are over 70 buildings that have been affected. There have been 3 big quakes, and around 100 smaller ones that followed.


At the same time, in recent weeks Croatia has been fighting to flatten the curve on the spreading of the Corona virus. Strict measures have been put in place, asking people to stay at home and avoid social contact. This has now been made difficult or even impossible as people are grouping in the streets as a result of the earthquake. Also, people who have been displaced are being transported into secondary locations. There has been a lot of movement today. We don’t know what the repercussions of this could be in the coming weeks.


The situation with the Corona virus has made it difficult to do any kind of response, especially because no one can offer any kind of aid without the permission of the Red Cross and the government. Croatian Baptist Aid (CBAid) is following the situation and waiting for further instructions from the governing structures. CBAid has spent the past several days visiting Baptist churches throughout the country, encouraging local pastors and church leaders and delivering hygiene packets. Today, CBAid staff have acted individually in their local environment, helping neighbors, contacting emergency services, distributing some emergency blankets to people standing in the cold in their pyjamas.


There will be need for action as soon as the situation stabilizes a bit. There is need for emergency blankets, gas detector devices, whistles, batteries, first aid kits, food kits, water, garbage bags, moist towelettes, hygiene packets, etc. This is a disaster situation, both because of the virus and the earthquakes, and CBAid is treating it as such. CBAid will monitor the situation and keep everyone posted through their social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and through e-mail. Follow CBAid on social media for photos. Donations are most welcome and needed at this time. You can donate directly to CBAid’s account: 


Bank:  Privredna banka Zagreb

Branch: (Address)  Radnicka cesta 50, 10  000  Zagreb, Croatia


SwiftCode:   PBZGHR2X


BankCode:  2340009


Account Name:   RUKE NADE


Account #:  HR3823400091110817743


Address associated with the Account Name:   Radiceva 30, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia


Or through Paypal –


If you want to get directly in touch with CBAid, contact them at and they will add you to their mailing list. Please pray for CBAid, for protection and safety for all people affected by this, and for wisdom for CBAid to know how to proceed in this situation.


Personal Reflection by Toma Magda, Director Croatian Baptist Aid


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