Pray for Geneva

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  • April 2, 2015
Pray for Geneva
“Since September 2014, the City of Geneva has decided to take a strong position against “proselytising”  and stopped giving further authorisations for such activities on its public ground. As a matter of consequence, Christian stands that have been on the streets on a regular basis since years to share the Gospel in a respectful manner were now banned, in the City of Calvin. Several affected groups decided to contest this decision in court. A first judgement was pronounced by a local court and condemned the City for its disproportionate decision. The Swiss Evangelical Alliance, which supports several of the affected organisations, is relieved about this court judgement and sees it as an important victory for freedom of conscience. The City of Geneva can still appeal against the court decision. Thanks for your prayers for this City: we hope it will adopt a more tolerant attitude towards religion in the future and find more constructive ways to handle their fear of seeing extremist group misusing those rights.”

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