#prayforswitzerland – political engagement of a different kind

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  • September 27, 2019
 #prayforswitzerland – political engagement of a different kind

“Pray for Switzerland” is a new prayer initiative established by the Swiss Evangelical Alliance to encourage committed prayer for Switzerland and its politics. On 20 October 2019, parliamentary elections will be held in Switzerland and the alliances are calling upon Christians from state and free churches to commit to prayer for cantons and federal councilors.


Goal of the endeavor is the support Swiss politicians on a regular basis and to continuously ask for God´s guidance and blessings upon politics. It is not about party politics, but about joint prayer of Christians of various denominations and political interests. Matthias Spiess, General Secretary of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance describes the initiative as “Christians taking their responsibility seriously, going to the polls and praying”.


The initiative was inspired by the prayer initiative “Pray for Austria”, which was established by a Swiss expat, desiring for a powerful prayer movement for the country and the politics. Every Christian is invited to promote or join the movement. On the initiative´s website, participants choose a favored canton and a federal councilor. Frequency and form of prayer are up to the individual, but the website offers descriptions of a wide variety of forms of prayer that can be applied, including worship, bible study and fasting. 300 prayer partners already joined the movement.


For more information, visit the #prayforswitzerland website or get in contact with Matthias Spiess, General Secretary SEA () and Daniela Baumann, Communication Manager SEA ().

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