Preventing Exploitation

Preventing Exploitation
It is such an encouragement to see the European Freedom Network at work. In January, EFN partners were able to find the connections necessary so that:
  • A potential case of human trafficking of girls in Romanian orphanages could be investigated and prevented.
  • An employment agency could be investigated so that Bulgarians did not travel to the West for work, only to find themselves trapped in exploitation.
  • Appropriate counselling could be found for women in Norway.
Referring to how slaves in America used to escape, one of the partners wrote EFN is the closest modern version of the underground railroad that I can imagine…” Meanwhile, EFN continues with the more normal work of sharing news, resources, prayer and encouragement at national or European level.  We also hope to secure funding to make our website and database far more useful for partners. A special focus this month is the European Parliament. EFN partners are praying and some will be contacting their MEPs as the European Parliament votes in February on a resolution which would recommend the “Nordic Model” of prostitution law to all Member States.  To recap, this model criminalises the purchasers of sex but has a compassionate, supportive role to those working in prostitution. Some Evangelical Alliances play a key role in the efforts to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  They provide a meeting place for specialists, generate interest and prayer and also speak up in the public arena.  If you might want to do more, even with minimal time and resources, do contact Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag or Julia Doxat-Purser.

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