Promoting Religious Liberty in Denmark

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  • February 10, 2021
Promoting Religious Liberty in Denmark

An Update from the Danish Evangelical Alliance


Two years ago, an independent think tank on Christian persecution was established in Denmark, which the Danish Evangelical Alliance (DEA) decided to join. The initiative is not evangelical but was rather founded by a group of people from different parts of the Danish Church. As Thomas Mikkelsen, General Secretary of the DEA, points out, “I consider this as a strength, as it gives us high credibility in the political and diplomatic world.”


Among the members are mostly influential people in society or experts in the field, including a former Minister of Culture and Church, a former member of the Danish Parliament, several current or former bishops, a journalist, a university professor, and other key figures from Danish church life or society.


The work of the think tank is based on the foundation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and primarily focuses on drawing attention to the fact that Christian persecution is still a significant issue around the world. However, the focus of the think tank is not to promote a lack of interest and concern for non-Christians. “As Christians, we must work for freedom for all people,” says Thomas. “Any assault on any person’s freedom of conscience is an insult to a Christian view of human dignity!”


As a member of the think tank, DEA`s recent advocacy work for Christians and others who suffer on account of belief includes meetings with politicians from the Danish Parliament, board meetings, conferences, and writing tasks, among others.  Last summer, the think-tanks first report was published by The Danish Bible Society. “I was the responsible editor, and Evangelical Alliance gave financial support,” reports Thomas. “Right before Christmas, the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs referred to it during a parliament debate. This was quite an encouragement to us!”


A year ago, DEA also became an associated member of the “Religious Liberty Partnership” (RLP), and they plan to attend the European Religious Liberty Forum (ERLF) in 2021.

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