Reaching out to refugees over Easter – Day 4

Reaching out to refugees over Easter  – Day 4
Our trip to AthensGreece – 23rd-28th. March 2016 We wanted to spend Easter in a different way this year! An Easter we will never forget, and where Jesus as the only Saviour, has become even more alive in such surroundings. For five days, a team of 8 people from Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Germany had the privilege in cooperation with Mission-Net, to explore the refugee situation around Athens, Greece, and get to know the service of the Hellenic Ministries (HM, serving among the most needy in word and deed. Day 4: Revisiting the refugee camp – and becoming hope bearers! The next day and very spontaneously, we drove back to E1 and it was so cool to see again people who helped us clean the day before, met some of the refugee volunteers again, to kiss the kids and play. We helped unload the truck of Euro Relief, full with tents, clothes, water, toys and 500 sleeping bags. In small teams, and with the refugee translators we befriended the day before (young male refugees who take on responsibilities within their own camp), we went around and personally distributed the sleeping bags, explored various tent situations and met such a thankfulness and heartfelt gratitude. It moved us to tears once again! At the end we hung out with the beautiful children who showed us their new toys, we had more kisses and play time! We laughed a lot with them! What a gift in such circumstances! We were also very impressed by the various volunteers from different nations who donated their time. We met a Greek lady at the medical care centre who helps at this camp right after her normal working hours, just because she feels such compassion for the people. We met Abdul from Oman who spontaneously persuaded six of his friends to come and help. They flew over, arrived at the camp and for two weeks serve as Arabic translators. His motivation is to help humanity! He was such a wonderful joyful bubble in the misery we saw and we gave him big hugs, German chocolate and at the end one of our team members prayed for him. We met German and Swiss men from a meditation group who decided to give up their Easter break to help at the camp. We saw English, American and German volunteers helping at food distribution. Once they were done, they just went around, played with children and adults, kissed these kids and just spread love and acceptance. We saw Greek people coming with their cars and distributing clothing, towels and sandwiches! What a wonderful generous spirit among such a seemingly hopeless situation! These NGOs are all humanitarian. Where and when are the Christians going in and serving?

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