Religious Freedom in Turkey

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  • February 21, 2014
Religious Freedom in Turkey Turkey’s Association of Protestant Churches’ 2013_Rights_Violations_Report  shows some encouraging signs regarding how Turkey treats its Protestant Christian minority. We are encouraged by the contact between Protestant leaders and the Prime Minister and the possibility that there may be an option of Christian religious education within schools. However, EEA stands with our Turkish friends in asking the Turkish government and media to do more to defend all of their religious minorities.  We are grateful for the protection vulnerable churches receive from the police but we want to see the situation transformed. There needs to be proper investigation and prosecution of hate crimes and inflammatory and inaccurate media reporting. Foreign religious workers should no longer be regarded as a threat and religious minorities need to be able to train their leaders and have no problem in having buildings to meet in. Turkey has nothing to fear from its religious pluralism within the framework of Article 9 of the European Convention of Human Rights.. We long for the day when all residents of Turkey, no matter their belief, feel respected and are able to respect those of other beliefs within a civil public square.

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