Severe earthquake in Turkey and northern Syria – urgent call for donations

Severe earthquake in Turkey and northern Syria – urgent call for donations
Photo: Turkish Evangelical Alliance

On Monday morning, February 6th, at 4:17am, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred in southeast Turkey and northern Syria. At least ten cities have suffered serious damage, buildings are destroyed and thousands of casualties are reported.


According to statements made eight hours after the earthquake, the death toll stood at 912, 5.385 people were injured and 2.818 buildings were destroyed. Since then, however, these figures have risen significantly.


The Turkish Evangelical Alliance has immediately begun with relief efforts working closely with First Hope Association (FHA), its local partner. FHA was founded by members and partners of the Turkish Evangelical Alliance to coordinate relief efforts after the last major earthquake in Turkey. The organization works in a highly professional manner with a wealth of experience in providing rapid and efficient aid on the ground.


FHA made a quick planning early in the morning and directly set off as a team. Initially, 15 aid professionals from İzmir, Ankara and Van are deployed in aid efforts. FHA’S three mobile hygiene trucks set out to go to the aid area. The organization’s search and rescue vehicle is also heading to the area. Weather conditions are very bad. In the disaster areas, the weather is currently very cold and it is snowing. Thus, there are many problems in transportation.


A significant amount of relief goods will be needed, such as blankets, water, tents, winter clothes, food etc. FHA currently foresees a total budget of an initial 200.000 US Dollars for immediate aid needs and operational expenditures.


We endeavor to share up-to-date information and needs updates with you frequently. Please support the relief efforts by the Turkish Evangelical Alliance and FHA with your prayers and your donations.


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