Speaking boldly, speaking effectively

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  • September 18, 2017
Speaking boldly, speaking effectively
In much of Europe, it is incredibly difficult to stand against the promotion of LGBTI rights. You risk immediate accusations of homophobia and bigotry. Emotions can run high. How do you hold to a Good News Approach in such a situation? How do you speak boldly but graciously? How do you get your message heard through all the walls of prejudice, fear and misunderstanding? EEA staff love it when we see our members doing a great job. That is why we want to commend the Spanish Evangelical Alliance’s ongoing response to the terrible proposed new law which would promote LGBTI rights above everyone else’s and make it impossible to say anything against same sex relationships. The AEE are focusing in on the key human rights issues, speaking persuasively, reaching out relationally and remaining calm and positive. See this Evangelical Focus article which explains the issues and links to the AEE’s public statement. Let’s keep praying for our Spanish friends as the campaign continues.

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