Support us to connect, equip and represent

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  • December 4, 2019
Support us to connect, equip and represent

The European Evangelical Alliance is…


…a platform for its members (the National Evangelical Alliances), affiliate members (dedicated organizations with Europe-wide operations) and networks (thematic groups of believers dedicated to and active in specific spheres of society),


…a courageous voice of hope for our continent,


…there to connect, equip and represent.


On a daily basis, however, the European Evangelical Alliance is also…


…our General Secretary, Thomas Bucher, visiting, encouraging and inspiring member Alliances i.e. in the Balkans, …

…our Socio-political representative and Religious Liberty Coordinator, Julia Doxat-Purser, monitoring developments on our continent closely and developing resources like the guide “When a religious freedom problem arises” which is a real help and valuable resource for National Evangelical Alliances,


…our Brussels Representative, Arie de Pater, making the voice of Evangelical Christians heard in the capital of European politics,


…our Ambassador at Large, Vitaly Vlasenko, strengthening Christians amid a deteriorating religious freedom environment in Russia and …


…our Office Manager in Bonn, Matthias Boehning, coordinating the EEA’s communication activities and inspiring Evangelical Christians in all of Europe doing so.


Membership fees and other income (e.g. from events) cover barley one third of the total funding necessary for the EEA’s operational backbone. All the rest must be raised from donations and grants every year afresh.


This is why, at the end of the year 2019, we want to invite you to support us to connect, equip and represent.


We thank you for your generous support and your encouragement for our work.

Your EEA team



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