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  • December 17, 2015
As ever, it was a huge privilege for Julia to lead the Cross Current Politics mentoring weekend with such a godly group of Evangelicals all working in politics, wanting to honour God in all that they do and wanting to wrestle constantly with Scripture to grow in wisdom. This 3rd weekend was especially challenging as we placed ourselves in the role of government ministers, with all the responsibility that holds.  We realised afresh how easy it is to critique and complain at government (in)action and ignore quite how complicated reality is.  You can look biblically at an issue and work out what you think is right. But you also have to bear in mind so many other factors, including what others will do, budget constraints and what your population will tolerate. We agonised over what to do about so-called Islamic State and whether to go to war. Eventually, we pushed every participant to make a decision in a secret vote. We went away exhausted, despite knowing that we did not actually have the responsibility for whether our decisive vote was the right one and would lead to more or fewer deaths and destruction. And we wrestled with what the government of “Slovgary” or “Germance” should do in the refugee crisis. It will not surprise you to know that we did not come up with all the answers.  But what was clear to us is that, while many of our politicians only see the situation as a political problem, rather than also a humanitarian one, the suffering and chaos will continue. And we were reminded of how important it is to pray for our governments.

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