The Gender Agenda?

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  • September 18, 2017
The Gender Agenda?
Are men still men? Are women still women? Will school teachers still address their class with “Good morning boys and girls”? In some parts of Europe, all of these questions are up for debate. The issues are complex, sensitive… and important. EEA staff, in collaboration with members and partners, have been reflecting on the trends, the science, the politics and theology around gender issues. We have now produced a policy framework document following our standard Good News Approach – balancing truth with grace, remembering both biblical ethics and the command for the Church to reach out to all with the Gospel.  Resources from our members are also being made available. It is how gender ideology impact children and young people that seems especially serious. Encouraging children to change gender, leading to lifelong sterility and mutilation is unbelievable. We were not surprised to find that it is not just Christians who understand this. So, as national Evangelical Alliances and others decide if and when it is important to speak up on these issues in their countries, we do encourage you to reach out to those of other or no faith. Some of what is happening in the name of gender rights defies common sense. Let’s expect to find many who will agree with us. We hope the new EEA briefing on education and human rights will be useful for parents, students and teachers as they face sex and gender classes that go against their beliefs. All of these resources can be found on the EEA Resources webpage.

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