The power of the network

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  • December 15, 2016
The power of the network
EEA and its members are privileged to have so many good relationships across the Evangelical community. Every now and again, the power of this connecting power becomes very real. What do refugee ministries do about human trafficking?  What do human trafficking ministries do about refugees? EEA is able to bring together the partners and expertise of both the Refugee Campaign and the European Freedom Network so that each can assist the other. This has not just resulted in some excellent resources. We are now seeing grassroots collaboration emerging.  But much more is needed to save vulnerable migrants, especially children, from being snatched.  Please pray. When refugees face religious freedom difficulties, again EEA has expertise and partners it can bring together.  National Evangelical Alliances, religious freedom agencies and refugee ministries are collaborating to:
  1. Record incidents of harassment, attack or other religious freedom infringements
  2. Spread good practice on immigration officials assessing the validity of an asylum seeker’s faith.
  3. Improve the preparation of individuals whose asylum application has been rejected and they are now forced to return to situations where the danger of persecution is real.
But we need more partners so, if you wish to consider joining this work, please would you contact us. And thanks for praying. The situation is very serious for many. “Oh there’s a lot of useful stuff there!” We have had many comments like this in the last few weeks when people have gone to the Refugee Campaign website and looked at the resources, statements and FAQs. Our particular focus is on equipping the local church to understand, overcome fear, pray and act. So do help to spread the word at what is available.   A new database search engine is being created which means we can more easily post resources in other languages. And we can also point to your resource websites. So just contact Hester if you have weblinks or resources to add.

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