Time to Pray, Time to Act

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  • September 12, 2016
Time to Pray, Time to Act

It’s time to get ready for Freedom Sunday (16th October) and EU Anti-Trafficking Day (18th October).

  Don’t shut your eyes is a new campaign from the European Freedom Network, EEA’s growing network of 100s of Christian projects engaged in combatting human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The website has a powerful 100-second film showing how forced prostitution, begging and labour are happening all around us but somehow we do not see. EFN is calling on people to take off their blindfolds. Simple information is provided on what signs to look for and what to do. Prayer materials and other actions for churches are also provided. Please would you encourage churches to find a short moment during their services on Sunday 16th October to pray about human trafficking. Please also encourage as many people as possible to press the website’s “Join the thunderclap” button. If you register there, then a link to the “Don’t shut your eyes” film will appear on your social media on EU Anti-Trafficking Day, simultaneously with partners across Europe. Thanks for praying for the success of this campaign in equipping 1000s of people no longer to walk by but to know how to respond when trafficking is happening.       Photo credit: Designed by Freepik

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