Towards a Free and Plural Italy

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  • April 17, 2014
Evangelical delegation meets with Home Secretary, Angelino Alfano “Evangelicals are a minority which nonetheless contributes to make Italy a free and plural nation”. This is the message that Giacomo Ciccone, president of the Italian Evangelical Alliance, took to the Home Secretary, Angelino Alfano, on a special meeting in Rome on April 8th. Ciccone spoke about the positive role of Evangelicals in their focusing on religious freedom for all, the integration of immigrants, and their humanitarian work for refugees. Alfano was impressed with what he heard about what Evangelicals are doing, being all this self-funded and done on a voluntary basis. Ciccone also spoke on issues of concerns for Evangelicals, e.g. the need for a law on religious freedom that would overcome the bits and pieces of residual fascist legislation in the system, the building of a plural society where opportunities are given to all, the dangers of imposing a “single thought” on matters of sexuality for example.  The Italian EA vice-president Leonardo De Chirico ended the meeting in prayer asking the Lord’s blessing on the Home Secretary and his work. This was another significant step in presenting the beneficial presence of Evangelicals in a country where they have been historically persecuted and then tolerated. Alleanza Evangelica Italiana

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