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Ukrainian Christians respond to actions government

Ukrainian Christians respond to actions government

The European Evangelical Alliance calls on Europe’s Christians to pray and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are living through dangerous times.

We are alarmed that the Ukrainian government has responded to persistant but peaceful demonstrations about Ukraine’s future by imposing draconian laws to repress opposition. It is unacceptable to suspend the right of citizens to peacefully protest or criticise their government.  And sadly, it is not surprising that this political decision has led to a dramatic escalation in the confrontation on the streets.  People are being injured, the first deaths have been recorded.

Ukrainian Christians met last week to discuss their reaction to the crisis and issued the following statement: Resolution of the round table – Maydan and Church. Meanwhile, respected Ukrainian Evangelical leader Dr Gregor Komendant has stated “The situation in Ukraine is extremely tense. Peace is extremely fragile and the church can and should play a reconciling role on behalf of all Christians of Ukraine. I am calling on the global Christian community for prayer and support at this critical time for our nation.”

EEA also asks Christians to pray so that the Ukrainian authorities act wisely to diffuse the tension and Christians can act as reconcilers and bearers of hope.

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