Understanding and Prioritising Freedom of Religion or Belief – Continued

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  • February 10, 2021
Understanding and Prioritising Freedom of Religion or Belief – Continued

By Julia Doxat-Purser, EEA`s Socio-Political Representative


Do check out the FoRB resources page of the EEA website as we have posted more material.


Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) & Power?


This resource explains how governments must respect FoRB. They may set up registration systems for religious communities but these must not make it impossible for people to exercise their beliefs. Nor can governments compel their citizens to change or reject their beliefs. And, while there may be a State religion, the authorities have a duty to treat all faiths equally.


Faith communities also have the task of being a prophetic voice into society. This is why maintaining a healthy distance from government is a good thing. The separation of Church & State is an accepted principle in Europe, although it can be interpreted very differently.  But basically, the State should not have authority over Church, and nor should the Church have authority over the State.


Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) in the Workplace?


This resource shares about the problems but also potential solutions about bringing faith to work. We go to work to do our jobs, and that comes first because this is what we are contracted to do. But no one should be obliged to hide their faith. Usually, most issues can be resolved with flexibility, respect, reasonableness and anticipating potential problems, with employer and employee playing their part.


Some problems have ended up in court. The courtroom has sometimes brought justice and sometimes it has not. The issue of resolving conscience issues at work is an ongoing challenge. More needs to be done for there to be widespread acceptance and mutual tolerance of colleagues and employees who have different worldviews and beliefs.


EEA’s Work on Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB)


Do watch the new 3 minute introductory film explaining everything EEA’s socio-political team does on FoRB.


And please pray for Arie de Pater and Julia Doxat-Purser as they continue to work on religious freedom for all: monitoring developments, campaigning, equipping. bringing people together to learn and collaborate together.

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