Uniting in prayer

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  • April 23, 2019
Uniting in prayer

For the European Parliament elections 23-26 May 2019

. This is part of a package of short resources. Others will help you to

1. Understand the power of the European Parliament and its relevance to our lives.

2. Consider your responsibility in this election season.

3. Consider whom you might vote for by reflecting on certain questions.


Christians may vote for different political parties but there is great significance in praying together in humility and unity for our nations and continent. Here are suggestions for united intercession. We invite people to pray in non-partisan ways so that all Christians can say AMEN.


Let’s pray for

    • the well-being of all candidates and their families during this stressful time, peaceful and safe campaigning and voting,
    • truth to be sought, seen and heard, valued and accepted,
    • opportunities for respectful debate, with a variety of voices being heard,
    • growing support for core biblical values, including love, truth, justice, righteousness, forgiveness, integrity, respect, service and generosity,
    • the success of politicians who will
    • preserve and strengthen democracy and freedom,
    •  work for the good of all, including the weakest and most vulnerable,
    • be a blessing to their nation but also work well with politicians from other nations.
  • The next 5 years of the European Union to be a period
    • where mutual respect and listening in political debate increase,
    • where every Member State of the EU is able to be and to offer its best to the whole and to be humble enough to learn from others,
    • where there is greater understanding of the value of every human being,
    • where wise and just decisions are made to face the many economic, technological, environmental, social and security challenges Europe faces, and where the weakest are better protected,
    • where freedom of religion or belief and of expression are strengthened,
    • where decisions are made at the appropriate level – European, national, local,
    • where there is a stronger connection and trust between politicians and officials and the citizens of the European Union.

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