Update: Video Project ‘The Peace Between’

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  • February 21, 2018
Update: Video Project ‘The Peace Between’
The short documentary film ‘The Peace Between’ is almost ready. The film is sub-titled in English but to guarantee as wide an audience as possible, we would appreciate your help in translating the subtitles into other languages. Please, contact us if you know someone who could help us with the translation! With a small task force, we are drafting a discussion guide. The guide contains introductions and questions that will help start a candid discussion on refugees and migrants and the role of our states and our churches, if any. A first set of questions is sent to several contact persons across Europe for a candid review. Do we ask the right questions in a way that would really foster a candid debate?

You can watch now the Peace Between trailer:

Please, contact our Brussels Representative, Arie de Pater, to learn more and to get involved in this exciting project, either in translating sub-titles or in reviewing the Discussion Guide! Expected release of the materials: Easter 2018   The task force asked several pastors to share a sermon outline linked to the documentary, that could be used for Refugee Sunday 2018, either June 17 or June 24, 2018. Save the date!

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