No use in being nostalgic – and no need to fear

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  • October 8, 2013
No use in being nostalgic – and no need to fear
At its annual conference 2013, the EEA featured Jim Memory to speak on Christian response to the crisis in Europe. The British Evangelical thinker who has spent 15 years in Spain thinks of the present crisis as involving the economic, political, social, environmental and religious dimensions. Yet Christians are not to be overwhelmed by the scope of the crisis, for „crisis is pregnant with opportunity.“ According to Memorys analysis, Evangelicals sometimes are so focussed on the future that they forget about the past. So he offered a short history lesson. „Crisis has been part of Europe’s history through the centuries,“ said Memory, referring to long periods of war, famine and pestilence since 1300 AD. „Crisis has been the normal context for the church and missions.“ After 60 years of peace and previously unseen prosperity in most of Europe, its people who got accustomed to it have difficulty to see it as an historical anomaly. Jim Memory challenged the EEA to help raise awareness against two dangers that come with this situation : nostalgia and fear. „We need to remember our past, not nostalgically, but remembering our spiritual ancestors who found strength in the Lord to stand for the truth“. The secularists presently proclaiming the demise of religion in the 21st century are not to be feared. Jesus Christ has promised to His Church that the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

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