World Refugee Sunday 2020 is coming up!

World Refugee Sunday 2020 is coming up!

Worldwide an estimated 68.5 million people have left home to find food and safety. Many of them stay in their own country. Others flee to neighbouring countries. Not even five percent of these forcibly displaced people eventually apply for asylum. What if you stood in any of these shoes? How would you feel? What would you need?


The United Nations declared June 20, World Refugee day. The Sunday before (June 14) or immediately following (June 21) is dedicated as Refugee Sunday to stand by all these people on the run. To help you to organise Refugee Sunday in your own church or congregation, a variety of resources is available (see below). One of these resources is The Peace Between. This video documentary explores how unlikely friendships can begin and continue to grow. We meet three Europeans who have had displaced people come into their country and their lives. And we meet the people who have traveled thousands of kilometers to seek sanctuary in Europe. These are friendships that grew in spite of huge differences.


The teams who have made the film and developed accompanying resources on hope that, by looking at The Peace Between, there will be opportunities for honest reflection and discussion about how we all feel about displaced people in our communities. Subtitles and a discussion guide are available in about 20 different languages!


We trust that this documentary and supporting materials will help you to relate to the millions of nameless refugees. Many live under horrible conditions far away, others might live just around the corner. How do we respond, as society, as a church, as a Christian?


World Refugee Sunday provides a unique opportunity to ponder on these questions. Are you in?

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