Yes to acceptance!

Yes to acceptance!

As churches of Europe we want to make a strong statement for acceptance of all races. We are FOR love of all people and AGAINST every fear of people who are different from us. We believe in the value of every human life. We believe all people are created after the image of God equally.

During these days we are shocked by the terrible death of George Floyd. But we realize that not only in the USA, but also on our continent we see racism, ethnocentrism and anti-Semitism. This is so much against the heart of God, who tells us to always value human dignity and worth. We humbly admit that also we as Christians have not lived out these values and sinned against this.

We boldly commit ourselves not just against racism, but for variety in our churches. We want our churches to reflect the ethnic diversity of our society and are committed to work towards that. We actively pursue both inside and outside our churches warm and loving relationships. Especially in this time of corona, we stand up against separatism, individualism, indifference and loneliness. We stand up for connection, relation, respect, love and acceptance of those who are different, believe different and live different from us.

We understand that we all stand in need of grace, that none of us is perfect and that we all need to be transformed to become like Jesus. Therefore, we humbly regard others as better than ourselves. We seek unity – in diversity! Though we know this will be an ongoing path of self-sacrifice and dealing with our pride, we want to walk it to the end. Wherever we go, whatever we do or write on social media, we are determined to spread life, light and peace.

Till the time comes where there will be no more disconnect, but where God is all in all and where everything is permeated with harmony! To that we commit ourselves now and in the future!

Theo Visser is the network leader of a European network of Intercultural Church Planting,

Photo by Sarah Ardin on Unsplash

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