Coming up soon: EEA General Assembly 2019

Coming up soon: EEA General Assembly 2019

The annual General Assembly of the European Evangelical Alliance will take place from 11-14 June 2019 in Bad Blankenburg/Germany. This year’s topic will be “On the road home: How to journey safely” addressing not only everybody’s individual longing for safety but also our shared concerns about the Europe in which we are living.


The EEA General Assembly always has been and continues to be a place to connect and to be equipped. It is a platform where general secretaries, affiliate members and chairs of Hope for Europe networks bond, connect, find better synergy of how to support one another and profit from each other. Participants can expect bible study times, thematic lectures, fellowship, sharing from the regions as well as connecting with EEA and its partners and staff.


During the General Assembly 2019 we will focus on us as Europeans and focusing on the message of the gospel. We will talk about the reasons (real or perceived) that cause Europeans to feel unsafe in their own countries and on this very continent, and we will attempt to unmask these concerns and challenge them in the light of the Bible. We want to encourage the Church to look at its own “fears” and concerns; to overcome them with love; to find refuge and safety in God and then to reach out with the message of hope and love to all who live on this continent.


Doing so, we will build on the Hope event in Tallinn last year: The goal is to pray and think through the various topics and come up with questions and answers which include National EAs, Affiliates and Networks. We want to see even more joint ideas being born and new partnerships being established which build upon the various strengths of the different participants involved in this General Assembly.


On 12 June 2019, we will celebrate the official handover of the General Secretary of the German Evangelical Alliance. After over 30 years, Hartmut Steeb passes on the baton to Reinhardt Schink.


For more information on the EEA General Assembly 2019, registration or travel information, visit our dedicated event page.

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