WoP2019 | DAY 5 | UNITY in ONE BODY

WoP2019 | DAY 5 | UNITY in ONE BODY
There is a well-known joke in which different parts of the body argue over who is the most important one. In the end, the one which seemed more insignificant proves that all are, in fact, connected. Although each plays its role, if any of them is sick or does not work, the whole body suffers and is incapable of functioning. The body of Christ works the same way. In 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31, Paul describes it very illustratively: we are all different, but we are all members of the same body. We all possess different traits and perform different functions, but we are one in Christ. God is a wonderful creator, and He has granted us a unique individuality, which is complemented by others. This renders all of us necessary so that His body can operate properly and His work can be done (Rom. 12: 3-5). Paul says we need each other, whether we are feet, hands, ears or eyes. In English, when somebody is very clumsy, we say they have two left feet. God does not want a clumsy body, and that is why He provides the church with teachers, artists, musicians, idealists, pragmatists, and a long etcetera. Every gift, every personality, every passion, is necessary and works with all the rest to fulfil our purpose as a body. And we all function by being connected to the head, which is Christ, who unifies and guides us (Col. 2: 19; Eph. 4: 15-16). However, being one body goes beyond merely working together: it also talks about the relationship we should have with our brothers and sisters. A body cannot be divided; it should rather take care of itself and all of its parts. When a member is hurting or is glad, the whole body experiences it with them. We edify and help each other grow in love (Eph. 4: 16) Quoting U2: “We are one, but we are not the same. We carry each other”. May God help us be one and celebrate our differences for His Glory.

Miriam Borham



  • Thank you, Lord, for being a very large body around the world; with our own characteristics and with the appropriate gifts that you have given us, since with them we contribute to the growth of your church and to the extension of your glorious gospel.
  • It is a pleasure to see how You work in your body and through your body. We praise you and we recognize you as our Lord. We are grateful to have such a patient Lord.


  • So many times we want to shape things to fit our own understanding… We ask, O God, that your body may be that which you want us to become.


  • Help each one of us to work with our gifts and talents. May we know how to use our differences to enrich the body and not to make it suffer.
Let your church work well! And may this bring Glory to our head: Christ.

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