• No longer a threat, but a blessing for the country

    No longer a threat, but a blessing for the country

    Italian Evangelicals and Minister Alfano commemorate violations of religious freedom In a historic annual general assembly (March 21st 2015) the Italian EA welcomed the Interior minister, Angelino Alfano (second high rank official in the Italian Government). The occasion was to commemorate the 80° anniversary of a fascist law which was passed in 1935 (prior to

  • Pretentious and unconstitutional

    • NEWS
    • February 26, 2015

    The Italian Evangelical Alliance on the Lombard law on religious building and services There is no doubt that the new law of the Lombardy Region (Law N. 12/2015) is just a package that  puts a series of obstacles to make it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to build new places for worship for all religious

  • Christians a new target of intolerance in Europe?

    Christians a new target of intolerance in Europe?

    • NEWS
    • February 6, 2015

    The EEA is very thankful for last Thursday’s vote (29 January) on intolerance and discrimination against Christians and it teaches us a lot. We are especially thankful that our members and the EEA office in Brussels played an active role to make it happen. Thank you! Indeed “it is increasingly difficult to be a Christian

  • Being Good News People

    Being Good News People

    • NEWS
    • February 6, 2015

    “Decisions are made by those who show up” This is the challenge of the UK’s “Show up” campaign, launched in January by Christians in Politics and the Evangelical Alliance UK.  Show Up Society is made up of many spheres: business, media, education, arts, family, politics & religion. But the Church normally focuses all its effort


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The Relevance of the Bible in European Societies


  • When Health is deemed more important than Justice
    When Health is deemed more important than Justice
    • September 9, 2020

    Something has gone profoundly wrong in fighting Covid-19. It disturbs me greatly. It needs to be confronted and corrected. Right from the beginning drastic measures were taken. The goal and inherent promise were to keep people healthy and protected. Crisis scenarios were pulled out. These scenarios were mainly concerned with protecting people but they did not look at the injustices caused.


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