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    Where are you from? The answer to the question “Where are you from?” comes in flawless Zurich German: “Vo Züri” (from Zurich). Even when I ask again, I get the same slightly irritated answer. Has that ever happened to you? Irritating! But have you ever thought about how, for example, a second or third generation black Swiss feels, when a white person asks him this question?

  • He who welcomes the stranger welcomes God

    He who welcomes the stranger welcomes God0

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    • September 15, 2022

    Already in the first chapters of the Bible we find the basic experience of humanity: home can be lost, it is not something permanent or self-evident. The first humans lost their first home with God through sin (Genesis 3 and 4). In both cases, God cares for the exiles (Genesis 3:21 and Genesis 4:15). The story of exile, expulsion, migration, alienation and diaspora occurs in the Old Testament as the revelation of God himself.