• An Ordinary Ukrainian?!

    An Ordinary Ukrainian?!0

    As soon as we start thinking that we finally got used to the sirens, and learned to cope with stress, it hits us hard and knocks us off our feet.

  • On Family, Trust, and Religion

    On Family, Trust, and Religion0

    In September 2021, the decision was made to focus our EEA communications work in the first half of 2022 on the theme “East meets West – West meets East”. The aim was to create a platform for dialogue with our newsletters, particularly between Western and Eastern Europe, where we could hear one another, learn from each other and celebrate that together we are the Body of Christ in Europe. Never had we thought that this topic would get such a different connotation as it is the case now. Due to the current Ukraine war and many resulting encounters of people from Western Europe and Ukraine in host families, at work or in aid projects, the interview in this edition will deal with the understanding of family, trust and religion in the context of the UK and Ukraine.

  • Miracles in the Darkness

    Miracles in the Darkness0

    When Russia invaded Ukraine, churches all over the country mobilized to help those affected by the war. They evacuate people from war zones and provide food, water, medicine and other supplies, shelter, and spiritual and emotional support. Those who serve others often risk their own lives, but they have also witnessed miracles of God’s provision and protection in the middle of chaos. Following are some stories from one of the 13,000 Evangelical churches in Ukraine, in the town of Vyshneve near Kyiv.

  • A Glass of Water

    A Glass of Water0

    It seems to be so normal to be able to open the tap and get a glass of water whenever we want it. Fleeing Ukraine, nothing is normal anymore. The following story happened at the Ukrainian border, where a World Without Orphans Romania is working together with various Romanian churches and organizations.

  • New cooperation platform Host4Ukraine now features Christian organisations on the landing page

    New cooperation platform Host4Ukraine now features Christian organisations on the landing page0

    The Ukraine Response Coordination platform “Host4Ukraine.com” has successfully expanded its profile from a mere Airbnb for Ukrainian refugees to support Ukrainians in all possible areas such as food, medical care, shelter or donations. Resulting from a partnership between EEA and Host4Ukraine.com, the website can now be used by churches and organisations to publicise their offers for Ukrainian refugees.

  • Jews of India: A Jewish-Christian Relationship

    Jews of India: A Jewish-Christian Relationship0

    For long centuries, India has been the home for Jews, and they have imbibed the Indian culture beautifully. Paradoxically, even after their long stay in India, they maintained their identity. As  Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, Head Priest of the Synagogue Judah Hyam Hall New Delhi, describes it,”Israel is in my heart, India is in my blood.” It is said that India is perhaps the only country in the world in which, through the long centuries, Jews have dwelt in complete security and have always been treated honourably in the social structure of the land.